Lan Series
Home Phone
Isdn Series
Digital Audio
Adsl Magnetics
Adsl Splitter Filter
Telephone Jack
RJ-45 Single Port
RJ-45 Integrated
Connector Modules
DC-DC Converter
For Ethernet
Common Mode Choke
Power Products
Wireless Power
Charging Coll
  Communication---Rivers and oceans are connected by water .Individuals are linked by hearts . We break any boundaries between us and share our happiness and belief .
Introspection---We introspect our selves as water purifies itself .
  Perfect---Boiling point of water is 100 c .We strive for perfect for good .
  Family-like culture---PFE develop a family-like culture where we trust ,respect and tolerate each other .
  Employees treat company as their family to love and to build . In the community ,we create a competitive but friendly , innovative but harmonious , efficient but tranquil atmosphere .This atmosphere provide our employees with the sense of root ,sense of responsibility and sense of achievement .
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